In the barrow

A place to rest, recover and lick your wounds.

Trauma recovery is hard work. Exacting, relentless, merciless. It is a fight for survival.

Before I realised what I was fighting I thought the term ‘survivor’ in the context of abuse was a bit dramatic and over the top. Now I know better. Our battle with trauma is quite literally a fight to the death. After all, as Bessel van der Kolk has documented so eloquently in his wonderful book, The Body Keeps the Score, trauma alters the brain. And the consequences of sustained and unprocessed trauma, though prolonged exposure to high levels of adrenaline and the associated bodily responses to the fight-flight-freeze response, can and all too often do result in physical illness.

It is still a challenge to find adequate, trauma-informed support when we seek help for our mental health. However, peer-to-peer support may provide a place of safety and validation in the meantime, along with sharing of information. Many of us have already made steps towards recovery via this route.

It is my hope that the Trauma Tree House can contribute to this journey of ours and become part of this loving and supporting peer-to-peer support community.

17 January 2020