Roads to Recovery

On Trees

I was walking my bonkers border collie Sadie in the park the other day – I think it was the day after I went on Christmas Leave and it dawned on me that for the first time in years, maybe ever, I could relax and enjoy this time of year. So I let her off the leash and noticed the world around me. And I remembered how I always enjoyed the presence of trees. The beauty, strength and wisdom of them.They have the strength to withstand time and all it throws at them. 

They have the wisdom to strip down to bear basics to survive the seasons. And in all seasons, they have their own particular beauty. Yes, even in the scars on their bark, and the wounds inflicted on them by careless beings ripping off branches, or carving figures into their bark, they are still beautiful. And they keep on growing.

They somehow know their strength and power is within them. They bury their roots deep into the earth to find nutrition, and buckle down to withstand the battering of storm and wind. And they lift their branches up to the heavens to grasp for the nourishing warmth of the Sun.

And as I meditated on the wisdom of trees that day, I realised they had a valuable lesson to impart.

I – and I hope all of us – may have been wounded and broken, and grown up bent and twisted, but I am strong. I survived all of it, and I will grasp for the Sun and continue to seek for recovery. I know dark and stormy spells will come again, just like the seasons do, but so will better, warmer times, as do spring and summer.

The Sun always rises again. And like that tree, I will be a new home to myself.

By Hella Muninn

Seeker of calm and clarity. Refuter of dogma. Hella is an adult survivor of childhood neglect & emotional abuse, and is an ardent fighter for justice and truth. Hella also contributes to the CPTSD Foundation

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