Roads to Recovery

So this is Christmas

all shopping done. Leisurely for the first time in my life.

Traffic was hell. Almost had an anxiety attack over the angry faces and gestures a speeding Discovery driver made at me. All hail to CBT techniques.

Notice ~ Identify ~ Action & Make Changes ~ Review

 I felt the cold fear washing through me, and almost instantly my hands seized the steering wheel as if my  life depended on it. I hunched forward, peering intensely at the street in front of me.
Ah! Triggered response. I hate confrontation. It makes me feel terribly small and insignificant. Vulnerable.
But hey, I’m inside my safely locked car, and can easily get away. So chill. You’re safe.
And as I repeated that to myself I felt the tension start to ebb away. I began to address it directly to my Inner Child, telling her she was safe now, and would always be. I would never let her get harmed again. It still took a remarkably long time to feel completely relaxed, over something as completely inane as a jerk with road rage.

Welcome to the world of CPTSD – complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

By Hella Muninn

Seeker of calm and clarity. Refuter of dogma. Hella is an adult survivor of childhood neglect & emotional abuse, and is an ardent fighter for justice and truth. Hella also contributes to the CPTSD Foundation

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